Introducing BongLizard!

BongLizard – The Self Published Magazine You Need To Be Reading!

Self publication is not a thing of the past, it’s something that is actually still going and going strong. I was introduced to BongLizard when I did an interview with artist Sam Hane and I have to say it’s fantastic.

From the BongLizard website:

I Samhane along with the help of VIilebuf (artist) released Volume 1 of Bonglizard publication in 2004. A perfect way of writing, creating and releasing my own comic books along with a few other underground artists I knew. It was a way to expose my interest in music, art and films that have influenced my life and as basically a way to express a few opinions in writing of what I think about this fucked up world. I hate censorship of art and believe in freedom of speech. The idea was to feature guest interviews with artists who I admire and who I think have done something to change the face of music and art. It has previously been deemed underground, disturbing, shocking and has also caused minor disturbance in weaker minded individuals who just cannot find the joke…. .So only the weird and the open skulled need apply… This publication is a serious warning against mainstream, commercial farce and packs a serious injection of real rock n’ roll and hip hop madness That will destroy your whole existence with an over the top lung full of chronic death smoke… You may laugh, you may cry, but once you read and inhaled Bonglizard there is no escape. There has never ever been a comic book interview magazine concept like this – only released when it’s ready to aggravate, each volume stands alone and is 100% individual. This publication was never created to make money as each sale goes back into the creation of the next, all volumes have a ltd print run so be sure to get your copy now as these will never be reprinted in this form again.

It truly is unlike anything else I’ve ever read, the only way I can describe it is a kind of Fanzine, but a Fanzine on steroids. Also as stated above it is not for the easily offended, definitely an adults only magazine!
I recently had the honour to have been asked to write a piece for the upcoming issue of BongLizard so be sure to look out for that in the near future.

So does it sound sick enough for you? Then be sure to head on over to the BongLizard Website HERE you can also pick up past copies of the magazine HERE GRAB THEM WHILST YOU CAN!

Also check out the BongLizard promo below:

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