"My Favorite Murder" – My Favourite Podcast

Are you a fan of true crime?

If the answer is yes then you need, and I emphasise the word NEED, to be listening to this podcast.

The hosts of “My Favorite Murder” are Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, two women who share a common bond, they are true crime fanatics. Luckily for us they allow us into their world, and what a world it is.
They have the confidence to say out loud what other people are thinking and as a listener you find yourself nodding your head in agreement as they talk about certain subjects, not just true crime either.
Here we have two personalities that are so entertaining, Karen and Georgia just bounce off each other and their on air chemistry is just infectious, you literally feel like you’re sat in the room with them.
I find myself with a constant smirk on my face as they chat away to each other, that is until it comes to the grisly details of the true crime stories they share with each other and there are some horrible ones.

The stories these ladies share range from the highly obscure to the famously well known but even if it’s a crime story you’re familiar with it’s still fun to listen to them pull apart the case and give their own opinions on it.

Of course the draw to the show is the true crime aspect but once you start listening it becomes much more than that, it’s the intimacy of the podcast and the banter between them that becomes more of a draw.

What these two women have done is incredible, they’ve taken what is still known as a taboo subject to talk about and made it something that can be talked about with no embarrassment or judgement.

It’s more than just a podcast though, they’ve created a community. With their Facebook group they created a platform where people can share stories with each other and discuss cases with other true crime fanatics.

What these women have accomplished in such a short time is amazing, it’s only been going for around 18 months yet has become a huge thing and deservedly so, every episode is an insightful laugh along.

I was late the whole podcast revolution so I’m still playing catch up on episodes of this show but it’s the only one that has managed to keep my interest and I can’t recommend it enough to fellow ‘murderinos’.

As your hosts say – Stay Sexy And Don’t Get Murdered!

Want to listen to this amazing podcast? Then just click HERE

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