Horror Review: Awakening The Zodiac (2017)

In 1968, one of the deadliest serial killers in U.S. history disappeared without a trace. His identity and cryptic messages remained unsolved for decades… until now.

Ever since I first heard about “The Zodiac Killer” I have been fascinated by the case so when I found about this release my curiosity was peaked.
The film borders more on the thriller side than an initial Horror film but this needed to be done to be able to let the story be told properly and let it actually be more about the story telling than a gore fest, it makes for a refreshing change as it could have easily gone down that route.
One thing I really enjoyed about this film was the amount of tension that builds up from early on and it rarely gives you a chance to breathe, every scene just keeps on adding to it and it can leave you on the edge of your seat which I thoroughly enjoyed and it kept my attention.
Unfortunately as much as I did enjoy this feature it isn’t without it’s faults, the editing seems to be a little choppy and it feels like there are scenes missing plus the characters are written in such a way that you can find it quite hard to feel sympathetic to their situation.
There’s also a few scenes that were very dark and it can be difficult to see what’ going on, but my biggest problem was at the beginning of the film with the cast credits rolling it’s highly obvious who the ‘Zodiac’ is and so when the film rolls on you find yourself not as invested as you could be.
“Awakening The Zodiac” is an enjoyable film, sure it has it’s faults but it’s still worth a watch at least.
If you want to see “Awakening The Zodiac” trailer then just click on the video below:

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