An Update On "Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil: The End Of The End"

“We fight evil” …….. “With mixed results”

It only seems like yesterday that I was sat on my settee pigging out whilst watching the absolute craziness that is called “Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil”, oh wait a minute, it was, oh well nevermind.

It was rewatching this amazing and highly underrated show that got me thinking, ‘whatever happened to that film they were supposed to be making?’. Well I looked into it and finally got an update I thought I’d share with you all.

Back in 2012 it was sadly announced that after two hilarious seasons the show would not be renewed, fans of the show were devastated as the show finished with no actual end to the still ongoing story.

Not to be defeated, the creators of the show turned to fan funding in hopes of being able to give the show the proper send off that it thoroughly deserves and give the fans and everyone else involved a sense of closure as well.

It was also announced that the film would have to be in animated form as the cost of a full feature that was up to par with the show would spiral into the millions, that fee was just unattainable at crowd funding level.

Well it turns out that since the launch of that IndieGoGo campaign back in 2013 the funding exceeded its initial goal of $75,000 and actually raised $123,160, which just goes to show you how much the fans want this.

According to the official Facebook page it seems that the team have been hard at work on the animated feature, there are several photos of the animation to give you a taste of what it’s going to be like.

It seems that even though a spring release of this year was hoped for some reason that didn’t happen but you do get the feeling that a release date could be announced at anytime, fingers crossed.

It does seem that the film is on course to start the festival circuit beginning in September so so hopefully we’ll get news of a general release at some point, hopefully with a physical release being available.

Updates are constantly being made on the facebook page (HERE), funnily enough a trailer has just been released and it’s here where I’ll leave you and let the team have the last word. Let the excitement begin!

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