Horror Review: Hounds Of Love (2017)

A cold-blooded predatory couple while cruising the streets in search of their next victim, will stumble upon a 17-year-old high school girl, who will be sedated, abducted and chained in the strangers’ guest room.

Once again Australia has provided with another great film.

First of all I want to praise writer and director Ben Young, this is his feature film debut and when you watch the film you seriously can’t tell. The film flows so smoothly and looks like it was handled by someone who has done many a feature film, amazing work.
Also the cast he has at his disposal are flawless, they seamlessly fit into their roles so well and they put so much energy into their parts that it just jumps off the screen and draws you right into the story and makes it so much more fascinating to watch.
This thriller/horror really is raw in it’s setting and story telling, it doesn’t dance around the nastiness of the situation and at times it truly is quite disturbing to watch, mix that with some incredible composing and it turns into a troubling piece of art.
From beginning to end the film makes for uncomfortable viewing and it’s slow pacing just makes it that much more troubling to watch as the intensity always feel like it maybe about to settle but it doesn’t and then along comes the brutality, there’s no comedic relief here.
“Hounds Of Love” disturbed me but not in the way I expected, it won’t be for everyone but I plead you give it a viewing.
If you want to see the “Hounds Of Love” trailer then just click on the video below:

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