Ten Years On: The Girl Next Door

A teen suffers horrible abuse at the hands of her caretaker, who also encourages the neighbourhood boys to torment the girl.

There are some films that stay with you, whether you like it or not.

People kept warning me about this film, warning me not to watch it, warning me that it will scar me for life, so many warnings. So as you’ll know that made me only want to watch the feature even more, as I’m sure if it was you it’d be the same situation.
After I finished watching the film I sat in silence for a little while, I started to remember all the advice people had given me about not watching it and thought to myself about how I should’ve listened to them, I was well and truly disturbed by what I’d witnessed.
What you have here is a very powerful and impactful story that is psychologically scarring, this is true real life Horror that doesn’t hold back. There’s no high amounts of gore or clever death scenes┬ábut it’s still a film you find watching from between your fingers.
I have only seen this film once and that was enough, some may call me a wimp but this feature really did hit me hard. It didn’t scare me or make me jump or scream but it left me with such an uneasy feeling that I can still feel when I think about this feature.

Ten years on and “The Girl Next Door” is still affecting viewers, I suspect it will continue to do so for many more.

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