Ash vs Evil Dead Needs Your Help!

The future of “Ash vs Evil Dead” maybe in trouble and it’s making me nervous!

As many of you may be aware, I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to anything Bruce Campbell related, especially when it’s to do with “The Evil Dead”. So when news broke that the third season of “Ash vs Evil Dead” could potentially be the last, well, I’m sure you can imagine my reaction.

I never thought the show was in danger as it as a huge fanbase and constantly receives high praise and great reviews, so when this topic was drawn to my attention when I saw the hashtag #BringBackBoomstick I was seriously shocked.

As it turns out the big problem is ratings, with people watching the show illegally online and not through Starz or other various outlets it doesn’t get the high rating count that is expected and deserved.

As a consequence of this Starz is apparently ready to drop the series thus ending the dream of the five series story arc to finish off the on screen story of our beloved ‘Ash’ and his fellow comrades.

At the moment there is an online petition that has been gaining a lot of momentum which you can see HERE (make sure you sign it!) and be sure to visit the Bring Back Boomstick website HERE where you can find the other social media outlets.

So please help and share around the hashtag #BringBackBoomstick and anything else you can to help keep the series alive!

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