Horror Review: The Babysitter (2017)

The events of one evening take an unexpected turn for the worst for a young boy trying to spy on his babysitter.

When I first saw the advertisement for this film I was very unsure of what to think but I decided that it looked fun enough to give it a go, and I’m certainly glad that I did.

First of all I want to point out to you that if you’re expecting scares and maybe some nudity from this film then you’re looking in the wrong place, if you’re looking for an entertaining film with some fun kills and a bit of blood then you don’t have to look any further.
This film is more of a coming of age feature with a Horror film setting, now on paper that may not sound interesting but trust me on this when I say that I think they have done this film perfectly. The mixture of Horror and comedy is a great combination, with both being at the forefront.
This is the type of film I’d loved to have watched in my teens and I think that this will be a great starting point for many of the upcoming younger generation, we need more of these films and I think going into 2018 we will do¬†and that’s a great thing for our genre.
The film has a retro 80’s Slasher vibe to it but with a modern day setting and it blends together seamlessly, it has something for both new and old Horror fans and in all honesty you don’t get that very often. I do recommend not watching the trailer though, it gives too much away.
“The Babysitter” most definitely won’t be for everyone but for those who will enjoy it, they’ll get a real kick out of it!
If you want to see “The Babysitter” trailer then just click on the video below:

Miscellaneous facts about the film:

Filmed in 2015 but not released until 2017. It was intended to play in theatres until Netflix acquired the rights for streaming. It was released in October on Friday the 13th.

The movie being watched on the back wall of the garage in the back yard is Billy Jack (1971).

In the film Andrew Bachelor’s character makes a basketball shot “LeBron James” in the voice popularised by a young boy in a video on the app, Vine. Andrew Bachelor gained popularity from the same app under the alias KingBach.

The screenplay for the film appeared on the 2015 Bloodlist; a list of the “most – liked unproduced dark screenplays” of the year.

This will be the second time actors Robbie Amell and Bella Thorne play leading roles together, following their film The DUFF (2015).

There is a short scene after the initial credits roll.

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