Women In Horror Month 2018 – Week One

Women In Horror Month (WiHM) is meant to promote equality and celebrate the great artists both working today and the trail blazers who’ve come before.

As part of WiHM, each year The Twisted Twins, Jen & Sylvia Soska, search out filmmakers from across the globe to make their own Public Service Announcements for Blood Services and Red Cross. Each year has a different theme and the theme for this year is “BE A HERO”, this year is set to be the biggest year yet with a new P.S.A. being released every day.

To help celebrate and promote this cause each week I will be sharing these videos including the film-makers profiles and statements. Now, on with the show!

DISCLAIMER FROM THE TWINS: This IS Horror, boys and grrls, so SOME of these do have VERY naughty content. Blood. Gore. EXTREME gore. Disturbing situations. Nudity. Sexual situations. Violence. Language.
If you are SENSITIVE to this kind of content, be a mature human being and just don’t watch. No need to spoil the fun for us fellow weirdos. We’re not hurting anyone. It just REALLY looks like we are 😉
“B(e) Positive” by Joe Magna


Joe Magna is a Los Angeles-based Writer/Director, specializing in surreal fantasy and candy-coated nightmares. Joe’s creative work spans through Television, Film and Theme Park development. In addition to recently writing and directing the short film “B(e) Positive” for the Twisted Twins’ WIH Massive Blood Drive, Joe Magna will be releasing two additional short films that he wrote and directed, coming soon in 2018. Joe Magna is currently working in creative development on several Theme Park attractions overseas.



“I celebrate Women in horror month every month. Without the wonderful women of the horror genre, we would have no Frankenstein (thank you Mary Shelley). We would have no Creature from the Black Lagoon (thank you Milicent Patrick). And we would cease to exist. I think these days more than ever, we need to remind ourselves that each of us emerged bloody and crying from the womb of a brave and strong woman. It is my pleasure to be a part of this collection of short films that celebrates the wonderful women of Horror.”

Joe adds on the subject of blood donation:

“Blood is life. It’s in all of us. For most of us, it flows in abundance. But there are those out there less fortunate. Donating blood means donating life. Now more than ever, we need to band together to help our brothers and sisters in need. Not all of us can donate financially. But nearly all of us can donate the fluid of life to help someone else live theirs. It’s truly in you to give . Thank you for donating blood. Thank you for being a true hero. <3”

“Be A Hero” by Vanessa Ionta Wright


Vanessa Ionta Wright is a filmmaker based in Atlanta, GA. She is the co-owner of Above the Line Artistry (www.abovethelineartistry.com) as well as the co-founder and Festival Director of the Women in Horror Film Festival (www.WIHFF.com).  Vanessa collaborated with Samantha Kolesnik, Mark Simon (One Missed Call), David Irwin (House of 1000 Corpses) and Josh Oliver (Oculus) on Rainy Season, based on the story by Stephen King.  Vanessa has also directed the short film I Baked Him a Cake and a PSA for the WiHM9 Massive Blood Drive.  Vanessa graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Video Production & Film. She is a lifelong fan of cinema, most especially the horror genre. She enjoys punctuality, scary movies, a quick wit, sandwiches, the music of Michael Jackson, Halloween & Bacon Jam. She does not enjoy bugs, clowns, perpetual lateness, mean people, oppression, laziness, running more than 3 miles or curved walls.


I was really honored to be invited to create a PSA for the WiHM Massive Blood Drive.  This is a brilliant idea to blend the world of horror filmmaking with such an important cause.  I think it’s easy to take our blood for granted.  It is crucial to donate.  I hear people say all the time “I wish I could do something to help” and this is probably the most simple and effective means of helping others.  Giving your blood will save lives and I am so grateful to be a part of such an amazing cause.  The theme this year of Be a Hero is so appropriate, because when you give blood, when you save a life, you become a hero.

“Sanguino” by Dayna Noffke


Dayna Noffke is a screenwriter and director, who has brought her unique brand of storytelling, dark humor, fangirl-infused enthusiasm and obsessive work ethic to Atlanta, Georgia. Her work in the horror genre is informed by her experiences and her lifelong love of film. Her travels have taken her from a childhood in St. Louis to stints in New York, Boston, New Orleans and even Branson, Missouri. Along the way, she picked up a degree in physical anthropology/primatology, logged time on a research project on mantled howler monkeys in Ometepe, Nicaragua, spent a few years as a high school special education teacher, and earned herself a roller derby name.

Dayna fell into filmmaking after a chance encounter brought her to the set of Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2. Within two months, she had written and directed her first short film with a cast and crew full of friends, including Andrew Shearer of Gonzoriffic films. She had caught the bug and directed 9 more short films between 2009 and 2017. Her film catalog runs the gamut from “backyard” no budget fare – such as the well-received 2011 film, MOUSE, praised for its naturalistic acting – to recent projects such as late 2017’s Teaser, a lush burlesque-inspired period piece that is hitting the festival circuit in 2018.

Dayna’s films have been screened at numerous festivals including Women in Horror events, Rome International Film Festival, Spooky Empire’s Film Festival, Buried Alive, VHS, Florida Film Festival among many others. Her screenplays have been chosen as official selections and finalists in screenplay competitions and showcases such as Oaxaca Film Festival, Stranger With My Face and Filmquest. Dayna is currently in development for a horror feature inspired by a classic Victorian short horror story, along with working on new short films and logging lots of time traveling with her family, visiting historical and haunted sites, riding roller coasters and forging friendships all along the way.


“I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this year’s Blood Drive campaign for several reasons. One of my favorite things about filmmaking is the collaborative nature of the art. I love meeting people, working with other amazing talents and bringing it all together to create
something bigger than anyone of us. This project encouraged me to stretch my artistic imagination and to reach out to new people to help realize this vision, which is unlike any other project I have undertaken to this point in my career.

I love that there are 30 PSAs being released — that we are a part of something much bigger. This is a wonderful chance to meet new artists and to see and support their work. Of course, most importantly, our entire team is thrilled to be supporting the cause of blood donation. I have personally been the recipient of blood transfusions at three different points in my life. I do not know what would have happened had that blood not been available when I needed it. I want to express my gratitude to blood donors and to put a face to this cause.

When you give blood, you are helping a real person – someone’s mother, someone’s sister or brother or baby… Although the need for donated blood can be greater during times of disaster, there are people who are counting on transfusions each and every day. We are honored to help spread the word and remind everyone how important it is to donate blood!”

“The Coming Dawn Ministry” by Mark Miller & Christian Francis


Mark Alan Miller – Mark has been working as a writer since 2005 when he started as a columnist for OCWeekly. Since then has edited two major novels (The Scarlet Gospels & Abarat: Absolute Midnight by Clive Barker) Released two novels of his own: Hellriaser: The Toll and Next Testament. Written countless comics, including Heavy Metal Magazine, Next Testament, Hellraiser & Hellraiser Bestiary (BOOM! Comics), Hellraiser: Anthology (Seraphim Comics), and The Steam Man (Dark Horse).

Mark’s work as a producer includes animated shorts with the comedy troupe Superego for Nerdist Channel, as well as Stan Lee’s Lucky Man: The Bracelet Chronicles (Which he was also a writer for), and Nightbreed: The Directors Cut. He has previously directed segments for Fun Sized Horror 2 and Virus of the Dead, as well as promotional trailers for Abarat: Absolute Midnight and The Sickness.

Christian Francis – Christian is a writer and designer whose work has appeared across multiple mediums… Well… that’s what he thinks. He’s probably wrong. Everyone is most likely lying to him, and creating fake websites and orchestrating far too elaborate practical jokes to make it look like his work is out there.

He also really, really hates mushrooms and has a weird obsession with hand puppets. Being a good bio, I asked Christian what else he wanted to include here. He told me to ensure that everyone knows that the camera does indeed add 10lbs… Sometimes 20lbs… And as well as this, it also makes you a really bad actor.


“The Soska Sisters are leading a charge for change. The Women in Horror Blood Drive is a lot more than just getting people to donate blood (which in itself is enough reason to take part) but they are also raising awareness and promoting equality, not only for women within the horror industry, but providing a voice for unknown filmmakers. This Blood Drive is about community, and expanding that community for the good of the industry – the fact it will may also save lives by getting people to donate blood? Well… the questions should be, how could we say no? #wearewiththesoskas”

“Got Blood?” by Aislinn Clarke
Aislinn Clarke is a film-maker and writer/director, whose work has been professionally produced for film, stage, and radio. She has an academic background in Film and Scriptwriting up to Master’s degree level and has worked in film, TV, theatre, and radio, locally and internationally, for fifteen years. She is the first woman in Northern Ireland to write and direct a produced feature film, The Devil’s Doorway, which was invited to showcase at BAFTA in London, later screened at the Cannes Film Festival and has secured international distribution. Aislinn is also contracted to write and direct feature film The Crossing for Boudica Films (who produced the BAFTA nominated films Iona, The Falling) and another feature film Touched for BAFTA nominated company Rocliffe. Her radio work has been broadcast on BBC radio nationally, as well as in the USA, Canada, and Germany. She has been profiled as a theatre director in The Stage magazine, and her theatre work has toured extensively across the UK and Ireland.
“As a film-maker with an interest in horror, I see lots of blood and I’m always thinking of new ways to spill more. In fact, there are more ways than I can imagine – everyday we’re at risk of accident or emergency and our medical services are always in need of more blood. My husband has a rare blood type and, as much as I would sometimes be tempted to spill it, it is precious stuff and he donates it regularly. I bake him cookies for after – I’m not a monster! Blood donation is not something that many of us think of until the need is right in front of us. It’s important to be prepared and who better to remind an audience of that than us film-makers with blood on the brain! It’s an honour to be asked to contribute to this year’s Massive Blood Drive by utterly heroic Jen and Sylvia Soska, who for me have already shown what it means to “Be A Hero”.
“Red Light” by Lex Lybrand
Lex Lybrand is a filmmaker currently living in Austin, TX. He is heavily involved in the DIY filmmaking scene, and his work has recently been characterized as “post-mumblecore” …whatever that means. His fourth feature film, MAYBE SHOWER – a dramedy about three women vs. unwanted pregnancies – releases this summer!
“I was drawn to the WiHM blood drive for a variety of reasons. First on the list is that I’m a big fan of women subverting expectations in the horror genre, both behind and in front of the camera, so thanks to everyone’s favorite Twisted Twins, I’ve been aware of the blood drive / PSA anthology for years. Secondly, as a survivor of multiple broken bones / surgeries / hospital stays in the past, the blood drive holds a very special place in my heart. I’ve been reliant on the kindness of others in the past, so convincing me to return the favor isn’t hard to do!”
“Type O Negative Man” by Maude Michaud
Maude Michaud is an award-winning writer-director from Montreal, Quebec who specializes in genre entertainment. Her debut feature film Dys- World Premiered in July 2014 at the Fantasia International Film Festival where it won the Audience Award for Best Canadian Feature. Her body of work includes over a dozen critically acclaimed short films which have toured the international festival circuit, as well as a documentary web series about women horror filmmakers, which served as a basis for her Master’s thesis. She is currently in development on her second feature film. You can find out more about her work at www.quirkfilms.ca and www.maudemichaud.com
“Every year, I look forward to participating in the Soska Sisters’ Massive Blood Drive PSA. I’ve been contributing for a few years now and it’s always a project that is fun to do, challenges me to be wildly creative AND also feels good to contribute to because I know it is for a great cause. Donating blood is extremely important and it is something more people need to do. I feel that creating these cool shorts gives the idea of donating blood a much needed facelift while also helping reach a different audience that might not respond to more “traditional” campaigns. I’m happy to do my part in raising awareness for blood donations by creating something fun and unique that I know will have a positive impact.” 
Be sure to share these and check back next week for the next batch!

For more on Women In Horror Month check out the official site HERE

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