Horror Review: The Creeping Flesh (1973)

A Victorian scientist injects his daughter with the just-add-water essence of evil.

I could start and end this review in one sentence – This film stars the iconic pairing of Sir Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, so watch it – That should be enough for any Horror fan really.

Firstly I must say that with films of a certain age you have to view from a different perspective, this aptly applies to to films from the 80’s and beforehand. I say this because judging these movies by today’s standards is just unfair, you have to view it in a different light or you’re going to be disappointed.
I absolutely adore these old style Gothic Victorian features, they remind me of my lazy Sundays spent lying on the settee glued to the television (which I still do). They just ooze atmosphere and I love them for that, it’s something I feel is often overlooked in modern film making.
The film is directed by a true legendary director, Horror favourite Freddie Francis, who worked on many Hammer Horror features. The film has a huge Hammeresque, Amicus vibe, so much so you’d be forgiven for thinking it was one, I don’t mean that as a bad thing, in fact it’s the opposite.
As stated before the film stars one of Horror’ most iconic pairings in its cast with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, no matter what films they were in they always delivered and that doesn’t change here. Their performances glue you to the screen and  show why they the beloved icons they are.

“The Creeping Flesh” is a great example of Gothic British Horror, if you’re a fan of the Hammer/Amicus type films then I suggest you watch this.

If you want to see “The Creeping Flesh” trailer then just click on the video below:

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