Women In Horror Month 2018 – Week Two

Women In Horror Month (WiHM) is meant to promote equality and celebrate the great artists both working today and the trail blazers who’ve come before.

As part of WiHM, each year The Twisted Twins, Jen & Sylvia Soska, search out filmmakers from across the globe to make their own Public Service Announcements for Blood Services and Red Cross. Each year has a different theme and the theme for this year is “BE A HERO”, this year is set to be the biggest year yet with a new P.S.A. being released every day.

To help celebrate and promote this cause each week I will be sharing these videos including the film-makers profiles and statements. Now, on with the show!

DISCLAIMER FROM THE TWINS: This IS Horror, boys and grrls, so SOME of these do have VERY naughty content. Blood. Gore. EXTREME gore. Disturbing situations. Nudity. Sexual situations. Violence. Language.
If you are SENSITIVE to this kind of content, be a mature human being and just don’t watch. No need to spoil the fun for us fellow weirdos. We’re not hurting anyone. It just REALLY looks like we are 😉
“Party Prick” by Sam Hawkins and Kim Pipkin
Samantha Hawkins and Kimberly Pipkin of For Good Productions couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this year’s PSA.  Sam graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2015 with a major in Dramatic Art and a minor in Chemistry.  She currently works as a dental assistant in Pinehurst, North Carolina and plans to pursue a dental hygiene degree.  Kim is a senior at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, majoring in Elementary Education.  After graduation, she intends to teach elementary school in Virginia.
Their friendship began in 2009 when Sam talked Kim into staying after school for a drama club rehearsal.  In high school, they made music videos during late-night boredom, but they did not create a short until the American Mary Swede contest in January 2017.  Their entry was selected as one of the contest winners, which sparked many projects afterward in conjunction with Brett Haynes, who played multiple roles in their contest entry.  Apart from their Women in Horror Month PSA, the two have a number of short projects in development with Brett and other creators to be produced in 2018, including a thriller and a horror-comedy.
Sam and Kim would like to thank David and Wanda Hawkins, Brett, Chappell, Courtney, Catie, and the rest of the party animals for making this project such a delight to create.  Additionally, they wish to thank Jen and Sylvia Soska for inviting them to be a part of this gigantic endeavor.  They are honored to be included and look forward to seeing the other PSAs throughout the month.


We’re passionate about giving blood because it’s a universal gift that almost anyone can give.  No matter where you’re from or how much money you make, your selfless donation can still make a difference.  We also give because we’d like to think others would do the same for us.  It’s so easy to distance ourselves from victims of natural disasters, gun violence, or traumatic accidents until we or someone we know becomes one of those victims.  If we’re all afraid to donate, or if we all assume someone else will fill the need, who’ll be there in our time of need?

“It’s In You” by Izzy Lee

Izzy Lee is a writer, filmmaker, film festival programmer, and journalist for Birth.Movies.Death., Rue Morgue, and Diabolique, as well as an editor for ScreenAnarchy.
Her recently published short stories include: “Tilberian Holiday” (“Wicked Witches”) and “The Lake Children” (“Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep” and “Hydrophobia”). She’s currently at work on several short stories and scripts.
When she’s not writing, she’s making scary little films, often from an outsider perspective with a socio-political bent. Her shorts “Postpartum,” “Innsmouth,”Rites of Vengeance,” and “For A Good Time, Call…” have screened with American Psycho, Midnighters, The Love Witch, They Look Like People, The Sacrament, The Lords of Salem,
Prevenge, They Look Like People, The Master Cleanse, Excess Flesh, Baskin, and Antibirth.


I’m participating in the annual PSA Blood Drive for Women in Horror Month because life can change at any moment; you never know when you’ll need a little help from a strange. If you can, please give blood at your local donation center or spread the word!

“My Father, My Hero” by Andrew Hass & Kynda Laufmann


Andrew Hass was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. He moved away from Los Angeles in his late teens and has spent most of his time since in the PNW. He is married to his partner in both life and art, Kynda Laufmann, with whom he has two sons. Andrew’s close family has been involved in filmmaking since the 1930’s, when his great grandfather first worked as a stuntman. Most of his immediate family has worked in the film industry, since. Andrew had never worked in film until, in 2014, an opportunity to provide sound work for an independent feature horror film was brought to him and sparked an interest that has led to writing and directing. In the four years since he has worked on both feature and short films, working as director of photography, editor, sound department, writer, and director. Andrew’s passion and focus lies in making independent horror films.

Kynda Laufmann grew up in Colorado and moved to Washington for school. She graduated with a degree in Psychology and loves her day job working as a Clinical Supervisor helping kids with developmental disabilities. Kynda caught Andrew staring in 2009, and hasn’t let him go. Andrew has since piqued Kynda’s interest in film production and they decided to team up on their own projects, leading to the creation of Lost in the Woods Productions. Kynda enjoys being on set and contributing to the creative process, and likes to think her perfectionistic tendencies lend themselves to a better film.


Someone, at some point, donated the blood that was used to save my life. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 27, and during the ensuing hospital stay I needed blood to save my life. Additionally, since 2011 I have undergone multiple major surgeries that required blood transfusions. Blood donations are a direct part of why I am alive, today. There’s not a hospital in the world that isn’t in need of blood and there are never enough people donating.

Because of blood donations I am able to be here with my partner, creating the art that we love. That is why we are involved in the Women in Horror Month Blood Drive PSA’s and why we believe it is so important to donate blood!

“Sammy” by Aleah Anseth


Aleah Anseth is a filmmaker residing in Saskatchewan, Canada. She studied her craft in Vancouver, British Columbia where she produced, directed, and wrote multiple independent projects. Currently, Aleah has her own media company FRAGMENT MEDIA where her and her fiance use their skills as photographers and video professionals. Aleah continues to write and create independent film projects and hopes to run her own production company one day.

“When Jen and Sylvia asked to me to partake in their WHIM project again I was extremely humbled, nervous, but excited. It’s such a great way to test out my resources and creativity while bringing attention to such an important cause. As blood donations decline, I really hope having a month dedicated to bringing attention to this issue, we will see some brave people rolling up their sleeves, being a hero and saving lives.”
“Bitch” by Stephanie Dugan
I am born, bred, surviving and thriving in Cleveland, OH. I graduated from Cleveland State University with a bachelor’s in Film, however I’ve been writing and shooting spooky movies since I was 9. My ultimate goal is to travel the world garnering inspiration from abandoned places where there was once a bit of humanity. I love all kinds of horror but am particular to all things satanic, depraved or full of classic monster tropes/allegory. I am constantly writing screenplays and dreaming up degenerate ways to scare an audience. I am currently in the pre-production phase of  a film surrounding a cult and I’m trying to put together the necessary people and tools on a non-existent budget. I am also in the treatment phase of a werewolf film. I LOVE werewolves and they are completely under appreciated, in my opinion. I am someone who is intimately involved in every part of the film making process, even one of my favorite parts, everyone’s favorite part-craft services. I feel as a women, living at the cusp of the poverty line, you have to be, 110% closely involved, in order to be taken seriously and to make sure that your vision is fully realized and properly executed. I own and run Late October Productions which is a Cleveland-based film and photography studio. My lifestyle is horror, always has, always will be.
Blood donating is important to me because I’m aware of just how important it is for those who need last minute saving. The only incentive there is to donate, is the desire to help a stranger in need. You can be giving your blood to a child, an old lady, a mother, a teacher, a priest, a janitor, an artist anyone. Blood is humanity’s bonding lifeline, we all have it and we all can give it to save others. There are some people out there whose life depends on blood donations.  A great way to make an impact is to donate blood and truly save someone’s life. Who knows you can always end up on the receiving end some day.
“Haemo Eradication Services” by Angela Nolan & Martyn Fleetwood  
HOWACEY Productions was created by Martyn Fleetwood and Angela Nolan in England in 2017. To date they’ve made a horror-themed quiz show, an American Mary swede, and an entry for the 2018 Massive Blood Drive PSA. There are other shorts in the planning stages, all in the horror genre, and plans to release table-top game play videos so they can use their YouTube channel to combine their passions for both horror films and board games.
Martyn is an IT nerd and Angela is an English nut who lives to correct Martyn’s typos. They both enjoy cosplay at Comic-Con and film festivals although it’s still undecided who pulled off Harley Quinn the best.

The Blood Drive PSA is particularly important to Angela as she can no longer donate blood for medical reasons so she was happy to have the opportunity to encourage others to donate.

“Donor” by Atropa Films



Atropa Films is a an Edmonton-based independent filmmaking collective putting a queer gaze on genre films. With a shared lifelong love of horror movies and backgrounds in various artistic disciplines, our team brings queer visibility, narratives, and representation to all of our films both on and off screen. We aim to bring a voice and narrative focus that has been glaringly absent from many subgenres of horror, blending what we love about genre cinema with queer perspectives and storytelling.


We are so excited to be involved in this year’s blood drive because horror and blood donation are two things we are very passionate about – a number of our crew members are actually students of or currently working in health sciences. Some of us can’t donate blood at this time due to various restrictions and ineligibilities, so we hope that taking part in this project will help bring awareness to those who can. We also want to use this platform as an opportunity to remind everyone that Canada still has incredibly archaic laws around blood donation that prevent many people we love from donating. Men, as well as trans women, who have sex with men are not allowed to donate blood without first meeting strict requirements that are not feasible for many. During the last Canadian federal election campaign, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party stated that they “will bring an end to the discriminatory ban” as “this policy ignores scientific evidence.” Please get in touch with your MP and encourage them to push for an end to the stigmatizing blood donation ban so that more of our friends and community members can be heroes as well.

Be sure to share these and check back next week for the next batch!
For more on Women In Horror Month check out the official site HERE

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