Ten Years On: Gutterballs

For this ‘Ten Years On’ post we take a look back at “Gutterballs”.

Independent Horror is full of gems that can sadly go under the radar, no matter how great they are, in my opinion “Gutterballs” is an example of this.

Before “Gutterballs” was released I naively thought I’d seen it all and that nothing more could shock me, gore didn’t bother me, the same thing went for scenes of extreme violence. Then one night I sat down to watch a film that had been recommended to me, a film that would catch me off guard and certainly put me back in my place.
The film managed to shock, sicken and most certainly disturb me, and I absolutely loved it! Finally here was a feature that made me feel that wide range of emotions again, even when there were scenes that made made me sick to my stomach I just couldn’t look away from what was happening on screen I was transfixed.
After the film had finished and the initial shock of it all had calmed down, believe it or not, I actually watched it again. That’s right I watched the film back to back, a VERY, VERY rare thing for me to do. After that I hunted down every film that writer/director Ryan Nicholson had done, how had I not heard of this guy before?!
I’ve always had a lot of love for the independent scene and it’s when films like this come along that you’re thoroughly reminded why you do. Luckily the scene gets a bit more spotlight these days and I like to think it’s because of films like this, unfortunately there still so many films that get overlooked but there are still gems nonetheless.

Ten years on and “Gutterballs” is still as shocking, still as sickening, still as disturbing and will most certainly still traumatise viewers.

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