An Interview With Julie Anne Prescott

I had the privilege of interviewing actress Julie Anne Prescott, here’s that interview.

First of all thanks for taking the time to do this

Q1: How did you get into the world of acting?

I was doing stage shows and convention modeling, which led me to working with Troma Entertainment. Lloyd Kaufman referred me for my first acting role. It was for an anthology film called Slices, which is still out there on dvd.

Q2: You’re known for your indie film work, you seem to really enjoy it.

I do. It’s like a mini family each time where we create art, make a mess, and share our love for our work. I really enjoy the process of being hands on, and Jumping in to help out in various areas of projects.

Q3: The Indie scene is producing some great things at the moment, the feeling amongst the scene must be a great one.

It definitely is! Right now is a huge time for so many artists, and a fantastic time for fans as well. There are just so many exciting opportunities for film makers to connect with the audiences, and get support. Plus so many people seem to be finding each other, and just harnessing resources to create some truly incredible work!

Q4: The Indie scene is known for being very loyal yet open, would you say that’s a fair statement?

Yes. I feel many folks look out for each other, and also contribute to helping others within the scene. People also are always looking to network and grow as well, and it’s a great place to do so, with support!

Q5: You’ve done a ton of projects over the years, do you have any favourites or favourite scenes?

That’s a tough one for sure. I feel that I’ve taken something special away from almost everything that I’ve done honestly. I would have to say that “As Night Falls”, will always be very dear to me. I mean getting pitchforked to death by Debbie Rochon is hard to top! I mainly love to die horribly, it’s a great way to wrap a role, literally!

Q6: You also own your own collectable shop (Big Bang in Las Vegas), that must be so much fun! I know I couldn’t I’d never make any money.

I do, and I’m super proud of it! My husband is there most of the time, he enjoys the social aspect of it, and is way more knowledgeable than I am. It’s an insanely wonderful feeling to own something that helps to support our family, and also gives the community something so positive to experience. Everyone is always so happy and just their childhood selves, reminiscing and full of excitement when they come in. It’s the best!

Q7: Who were your favourite Actors/Actresses growing up?

Woody Harrelson, Juliette Lewis, Melinda Clarke, Traci Lords, Rose McGowan, Lance Henricksen…

Q8: Where you a Horror fan as a kid, if so what were your favourite Horror films?

I started being a fan very early. I remember my first was Jaws 3 I believe. Then A Nightmare on Elm Street, which is still one of my top favorites. I went on to get really into the  Sleepaway Camp films, Cheerleader Camp, Chopping Mall, Night of the Demons… just so many. I watched my local horror host every Saturday afternoon, Dr. Paul Bearer on channel 44. And then USA up all night, and joe bob Briggs… I would get my mom to let me rent horror films as well any time that I could, just going off of the box art. I was pretty much immersed in it from 3rd grade on. I still am, I never stopped. It’s predominantly what I watch.

Q9: What is your view on the Horror scene nowadays?
It’s a great place to be! I absolutely love being a part of it, and admire so many people that I get to work with and watch. I think it’s going in a very strong direction, more freedom, more outlets, it’s building up some pretty strong momentum, which is truly exciting!
Q10: Have you got anything exciting lined up?

I leave to film Teacher Shortage in a few weeks, Clown Motel just got distribution lined up, Kill Dolly Kill is almost completed, WitchHouse is having me out for some additional scenes, I just got cast in Los Angeles Shark Attack, Wicked Ones, Volumes of Blood 3, and Ed and the Living Dead. I also have a few projects that I have not even been able to announce yet publicly. So please keep checking back with me for any and all updates! I have so many projects that are coming out of postproduction, and ones that I will be starting on in the next few months, so I do my best to always make announcements as I can.

Q11: Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Do it! Go out there and have fun. If you’re not having fun it’s not worth it. Live in the moment, make sure that you’re helping out others, and always be grateful while you are filming. Also be as supportive as you can, wether that’s contributing to campaigns, being an extra, posting updates on upcoming releases… Networking is only effective if you genuinely care about what you are doing, and how you can build up others that you wish to work with. Never compete with others, just keep pushing yourself. There may be a star of a film, but there’s never only one person behind making a movie.

Q12: Do you have any last words for anyone reading this?

Thank you for your interest in my work, I’m beyond thrilled to be here, and I really appreciate you!!!

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