Makeup Master John Carl Buechler Needs Your Help!

Cancer is one of life’s true horrors.

It was recently announced that John Carl Buechler has Stage IV prostate cancer, I don’t feel it’s my place to say anything on the matter so I’ll leave it to the Lynn Beuchler:
For many starting out in the movie business in the 80’s, John Carl Buechler was much more than the man who gave many of us our start. He was a hilarious and positive friend who believed in giving young people a chance, often keeping us on payroll even when he didn’t have work…and in some cases while we were still learning the craft itself.  His friendship, love and dedication has been unfaltering throughout the years to not only his friends, but to his family and fans.
We are sad to report that John has recently been diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer and he and his family desperately need help.  For months John has quietly been trying every treatment he can to turn his situation around and in the process has not only exhausted his insurance, but his personal savings.  There is still a glimmer of hope that a miracle will occur, and that John’s situation will get better, but regardless his wife and family are about to be hit with thousands of dollars-worth of medical bills and lost wages, due to the fact they spend much of their time with John at the hospital. Every penny the family has is going to John’s care and comfort. The bottom line is we desperately need to raise money for his continued treatment.
He is currently focusing on the best of both conventional and alternative medicine, as well as taking daily physical therapy. He is responding to his homeopathic treatment, but it’s an expensive process – all of this is tremendously taxing both physically and monetarily.
Although it was tough making the decision to go public with his situation – it’s time for his friends, family and the horror community to come together to do everything possible to help make him more comfortable and hopefully get him on the road to recovery.  John is a fighter and insists on not giving up. It is his hope to turn his situation around and get back to work.  More importantly his family is his main priority and he is fighting ferociously to get better and have the chance to spend more time with them.
We are raising 120k to pay off his past and much needed upcoming treatment bills.
So do you want to get involved and help out? Then head on over to the GoFundMe page HERE

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