Horror Review: The Hole In The Ground (2019)

Trying to escape her broken past, Sarah O’Neill is building a new life on the fringes of a backwood rural town with her young son Chris. A terrifying encounter with a mysterious neighbour shatters her fragile security, throwing Sarah into a spiralling nightmare of paranoia and mistrust.

Word has been going around about this film due to it being a film festival hit, so of course I had to see it.

I will warn you right off the bat, if you’re not a fan of a slow burning story then this film is not for you. The same thing goes for if you’re hoping this film will have blood, this just isn’t that sort of film. What you have here is a well crafted story that is told extremely well.
The film is in the same vain as a lot of recent releases, films that have been dubbed as ‘smart Horror’. Though please don’t let that tag put you off, it doesn’t veer into territory that you’ll deem to be to experimental, clever or artsy for it’s audience, It doesn’t try to add to many layers to it’s story and it sticks to its formula.
The tone of the film is dark, in fact it’s quite depressive at times, but it works and I have to say that I found myself really drawn into what was going on. That’s also in part to the amazing acting, with it being a cast of unknowns you usually have no expectations but I can say that they all put in a solid job.
As much as I enjoyed it the film does have it’s downfalls, there’s a couple of plot points that I’d like to have seen be addressed. The story may come across as familiar, we’ve seen a few like this over the last few years, but I was happy to see it take a different route. I won’t say anymore as I don’t want to ruin it.

“The Hole In The Ground” is certainly not for everyone, I can see it being a polarizing film for some fans. All I can say is just give it a chance, I really enjoyed the slow burning story and hopefully you will too.

If you want to see “The Hole In The Ground” trailer then just click on the video below:

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