The definitive documentary on the Sleepaway Camp series.

For those who have read my posts before you’ll know I’m a HUGE fan of the “Sleepaway Camp”” series, so when the news came out about this retrospecrive documentary you can imagine my excitement!
The documentary, a 4 hour film in total, will cover the cult original, Unhappy Campers, Teenage Wasteland and Return to Sleepaway Camp, will include the following:

  • Interviews with Frank Sorrentino, Thomas Van Dell, John Dunn, Felissa Rose, Karen Fields, Katherine Kamhi, Michael A. Simpson and more
  • Location tour of the original camp with the cast of Sleepaway Camp
  • Location tour of Unhappy Campers and Teenage Wasteland
  • Hours of never before seen behind the scenes footage
  • A vast collection of never before seen photos
  • Unreleased music videos from the films
  • Special Audio Commentary Tracks of the first three films
  • Extended Interviews
  • “What It Feels Like For A Girl: The controversial tale and making of the first LGBTQ killer”
  • And much much more
I am seriously stoked for this release and I know there are a few of you out there that will be too! It’s about time this series got some recognition an I’m thrilled it’s finally happening.

So do you want to get involved and help this amazing project? Then head on over to the IndieGoGo page HERE and see how you can help out!

Also check out the promo video below:

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