"Sunny Family Cult" The Web Show You Should Be Watching!

A decades dormant cult is coming back to life. 

Okay so I admit I’m a bit late to the party on this one, but I wanted to make this post to also make others like me who weren’t aware of it , umm, aware of it.
CryptTv has put out some quality stuff since its inception in 2015, I’ve often enjoyed visiting their YouTube page but for some reason I haven’t done that for a while (life can often get in the way and things get forgotten) then not too long ago a video popped up in my suggestions and it was CryptTv.
I had a look through their stuff and discovered a digital series called “Sunny Family Cult”, it sounded interesting enough to warrant a watching so I decided to do just that, hey it’s free so what did I have to lose?!
We are introduced to ‘Taylor’, a girl who strives for a normal life while juggling her not-so-normal serial killing cult family (I told you it sounds interesting). I was hooked pretty much from the beginning and watched them all in one night!
Each episode plays out like a short film that leaves you wanting more and when it leaves you like that you know it’s done its job and it’s done it well. The production value and acting are pretty good considering what you’d expect seeing as it’s a free YouTube show.
On a more serious note, it’s great to see companies taking risks like these and embracing the changing landscape of media. I will always love my physical media but there’s no denying that there is quality content out there such as “Sunny Family Cult”.
I’ll post the first episode for you below so if you fancy watching it, I highly recommend you do. But I warn you, you may end up watching them all in one night like I did.

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