Legendary Makeup FX Artist Mark Shostrom Needs Your Help!

One of our own needs our help…

When it comes to these sort of things I like to leave it to others to let you know the situation, so I’ll hand this over.

“Elm Street III.  Phantasm II.  Evil Dead II. This is Dustin McNeill speaking to you. If you look back fondly on these iconic horror movies, then please read on with an open heart. A very dear friend of mine and many in the genre community is in dire need. It’s time we give something back to someone who’s given us all so much over the years.

Legendary Makeup FX Artist Mark Shostrom has fallen on very hard times through no fault of his own. He’s suffered some bad knocks lately and is in a desperate situation. Mark could really use our help and support now more than ever. He’s not trying to prop up a fancy life with this crowdfunding effort. In fact, he’s been without a car for over ten months and gone without many basic items that you and I take for granted. This is simply about keeping a roof over his head. Please consider donating to this campaign to help him.

Your donations will be given directly to Mark in full and spent mindfully to help alleviate his situation. This is an emergent need for Mark that needs to be taken care of in the next seven days.

Mark is well known for giving many people a start in the FX business, and for going beyond the call of duty as a teacher to help his students gain a foothold in the film industry.  If you’re a fan of Mark’s work in projects like Phantasm II/III, Nightmare on Elm Street II/III, Evil Dead II, From Beyond, Star Trek: Voyager, Dick Tracy, Men in Black – or if you’ve ever befriended Mark or had him as a teacher, please consider giving.

Thanks for your time and contributions.”

Here’s a message from Mark himself:

“This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. It’s embarrassing and I so do not want to do this. I haven’t worked on a film in six years. Getting by has meant doing other odd jobs at 60, and life has gotten beyond tough.  I’m months behind on utilities, rent, and medical expenses. I need to cover them immediately or I’ll be in a situation nobody wants to be in.  

There is light on the horizon, assignments coming in about three months. Right now just trying to get a little breathing room and work toward a better future. I hope I can make it there. Please don’t think negatively about me for reaching out like this. If all of you knew the entire situation, I have no doubt you would understand.

I am extremely grateful for your help. Thank you so much.  


So do you want to get involved and help out? Then head on over to the GoFundMe page HERE

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