Keep Halloween On October 31st!

I can’t believe it has come to this…

In case you haven’t heard a stupid petition was started last year demanding that Halloween be moved to the last Saturday in October. It has been started by the group who ingeniously call themselves “Saturday Halloween movement”.

Well once again this group has come to light to once again try its luck with another petition, the problem here is that this ting seems to be gaining popularity and the petition been signed by nearly 150,000 and still going strong.

So now in a counter attack against all this nonsense Trick Or Treat Studios have launched a petition of their own called “Keep Halloween On October 31st” which I urge you to sign, even if it’s just to show your support for the beloved holiday.

You can sign the petition HERE
All I’ll say is, is that this thing ever actually happens and Halloween moves date then I’m starting a petition to get rid of Christmas!

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