An Interview With Linnea Quigley

I had the privilege of interviewing Horror icon Linnea Quigley, here’s that interview.

First of all thanks for taking the time to do this

Q1: How did you get into the world of acting?
“I just lucked into it or fell into it. I was 16 working at a health spa and these girls said they were models so I said well maybe, maybe, maybe and did extra work. Tiny no lines parts, stand in things, some amateur modeling etc it was like a long ladder, a very long ladder”
Q2: What do you think of the term Scream Queen and would it work if it had all started in this day and age?

“The 80s, 90s was the best time for scream queens and fun things. Money wasn’t as tight, no internet not tons and tons of info coming at ya so I was proud of it since I loved horror films. The only downfall was people thought nudity as an actress would stop your career so it was a choice I made. I went rogue hahaha”

Q3: You do a lot of convention appearances, you must really enjoy meeting your fans

“Yes I enjoy meeting the people who have loved the films for years and the total new kids who wish they had grown up in 80’s well I am so happy about it and them. Get all different reactions shaking, crying, funny, sad. Not really improper, maybe once, they are respectful they really are.”

Q4: You’ve done a ton of projects over the years, do you have any favourites or favourite scenes?

I love R.O.T.’L.D and Sorority Babes or The Imp where you are (UK). I love the fighting and being tough parts. Maybe right before my tombstone dance and I Rip my shirt off ‘cuz it always gets a fun reaction, just like the lipstick scene in N.O.T.D, those are fun and I hope memorable.

Q5: Do you ever think of getting your band The Skirts back together?

“Oh I’d love to have the Skirts in the UK, it’s so awful. My bass player I can work with, we think alike and just mesh shes on east coast so if we got paid we could do it

Q6: You do a lot of animal charity work, how did you get involved with animal activism?

“I have always loved animals and it was just an easy move to get into the animal rights arena. I started  with seeing this video that showed animal cruelty, I had no idea that testing on animals existed, horrible things slaughterhouses etc, it’s something that haunts me and keeps me going. I moved and started a animal sanctuary slowly ‘cuz I have paperwork renovations and some help. I already have a lot of rescue dogs which is hard for when I go away. Its something I love but it’s like having a bunch of small children especially, if they are young. It’s a great way to lose weight hahaha but I’m vegan and animal rights is something  wont back down for anyone.”

“My animal sanctuary is called Moulin Rouge and if people want to donate for so many, many costs they can by going to the official LinneaQuigley facebook (HERE)”

Q7: Who were your favourite Actors/Actresses growing up?

“Oh man I loved Clint Eastwood, also, this is so weird but Barbra Streisand in her old movies. I loved the people in the drive-inn movies, my dad would take my friends and I. Another fav of mine is Billy Jack oh I loved him and saw it again and again”

Q8: Where you a Horror fan as a kid, if so what were your favourite Horror films?
“I love so many of the old films,  Murders In The Rue Morgue, House Of Wax, What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?, Alfred Hitchcock, yea’ horror was my thing”
Q9: What is your view on the Horror scene nowadays?

“The horror scene now is blahhhh”

Q10: Have you got anything exciting lined up?

“Yes, I have The Barn 2 lined up, Killer Babes and the Frightening Film Fiasco plus this year I’ve done a few already”

Q11: Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

“Be professional, take acting classes, be on time, don’t be hard on yourself,  keep.your head on straight and may luck be with you”

Q12: Do you have any last words for anyone reading this?

“Be kind to animals or I’ll kill you”


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