Crypt TV: The YouTube Channel You Should Be Watching!

Who doesn’t love free Horror?!

Crypt TV states: “We love scary stories, we believe scary stories unite us and the best ones make us a little more connected to each other. Crypt TV collaborates with storytellers around the world to bring the next generation of monsters stories to life — for you, for free, everyday.”

I love searching around the internet or new and different things related to the Horror genre, it’s how I like to unwind and discover what’s going on out there. Whilst doing this one night I started watching some Horror shorts, I started to realise that all the Horror shorts I was watching were all from the same company, that company was Crypt TV.

I fell down that YouTube rabbit hole and ended up digging through the archives of Crypt TV, I found myself in awe of the quality of the videos and just kept wanting more and more and more. Luckily for me there was enough content to keep me interested, but there was also something else.

I soon discovered that Crypt TV also had its own series of shows, each episode varying in length. Once again I fell down that rabbit hole and I was transfixed, I even wrote about one of my favourites “Sunny Family Cult” (which you can read HERE if you want to). I found myself transfixed and watching one after another.

I was really loving what I was watching and best of all, it was free! Now I know most of you reading this probably already know about Crypt TV, admittedly I’ve always been behind on stuff like this, but I wanted to write this just in case you haven’t and be sure to bring it to your attention or if you’ve just skipped past it. I urge you to give it a try.

For the Crypt TV YouTube channel click HERE and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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