Ten Years On: Frozen

For this ‘Ten Years On’ post we take a look back at “Frozen”.

There was once a time when I could talk about this film and not have to follow it up with, “I don’t mean the Disney film”.

I remember being excited for this feature, writer and director Adam Green had burst onto the scene with the Slasher revival “Hatchet” and an indie thriller called “Spiral”. He was certainly on a hot streak and it was time to see if his run was going to continue or not.

Luckily for us viewers third time was still a charm and we were given a great feature, it was a film that sent out a statement that Adam Green wasn’t a one trick pony and the hype surrounding him was to be believed. Adam Green had worked his way into Horror fans hearts.

I’ve always been a fan of survival Horror films and this was a premise that I was shocked to find hadn’t been done before (to my knowledge anyway) and I was seriously excited for its release. Even today, whilst watching this film I swear I can feel my body temperature start to drop.
I have big praise for the cast and crew as the film was shot entirely practically! no sound stage, no green screen and no CGI. The actors were actually suspended over fifty feet in the air on the side of a real mountain, that’s commitment right there and it worked tremendously.

Ten years on and “Frozen” is still as effective now as the day it was released. It’s a film I’ve never tired of watching and one I like to recommend to people who are after something different.

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