Hagsploitation: I Want A Psycho Biddy Return

In 1962 a new genre of film was being made.

With the release of a certain film called “What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?” the Hagsploitation genre was born.

Not only did this film kick start a whole new film genre but it would also become the standard bearer for the later releases that followed, though many fans will tell you that no feature ever reached this films standard there were some films that admittedly did get close to it.

For a while afterwards there were some strong, female character driven films that shined a light back onto some of Hollywood’s fading stars, none more so than that of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. For them it was something of a career resurgence, an introduction to a whole new audience.

Most of these films are still looked upon fondly and have a solid fan base still, even after all these years, and I’m not just talking about “What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?”. I for one have loved these style of movies for many years and I feel like like it’s well overdue a comeback.

Yes I know that there have been glimpses of it but nothing like what there was, I honestly thought that after the amazingly popular FX series “Feud” starring the equally amazing cast of Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon, we’d have seen that boom in the sub genre.

Now whilst we’ve had ‘psycho biddy’ characters dotted around in various TV shows and films, we’ve rarely had them as the central figure that drives the said show/film. There’s a plethora of actresses out there that could fill these roles, though I won’t name names as I don’t want to offend anyone haha.

I’d love to see more of these types of roles but like I said, I don’t want a bit part character, I want a main central character or even characters. Give me a character you love to hate or even one who’s so much of a bitch you can’t help but love them, these types of characters are always a hit.

Like I said before there have been glimpses of this happening, successfully as well I might add. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who feels this way and would love to see a real resurgence of the Hagsploitation genre.

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