Horror Review: 1BR (2019)

Sarah tries to start anew in LA, but her neighbours are not what they seem.

I had the honour of seeing this film on the big screen at the Grimmfest event last year.
Here we have a perfect example of a film that the less you know about it the better the viewing experience is, I’ve always believed in this and whilst I try to watch as little of a trailer as I can this was a film I knew zero about and was also seeing it on the big screen. I can’t remember the last time that happened.
As I sat in my seat and watched this features story unfold before my eyes, I felt myself being slowly drawn into what was going on onscreen. Here was a great case of what a writer can do to help flesh out characters and place you into their world, like you’re a voyeur watching their daily lives.
I don’t say this too often but when the films credit started to roll I said out loud that I was actually blown away by what I just saw, I have to say that I think our lead actress Nicole Brydon Bloom has a bright future ahead of her, that also goes for writer/director David Marmor.
The independent scene is overflowing with originality and talent and here is a prime example of that, the pacing of the film is done perfectly to add layer and layer of suspense but what I also give praise for is making it a story that is believable and to some extent relatable.
Like I said “1BR” is a perfect example of how strong the independent scene is. Do yourself a favour and skip the trailer below (in my opinion it gives away too much of the story and the surprises it has for you) and just watch it and enjoy.
If you want to see the “1BR” trailer then just click on the video below:

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