Horror Review: Open 24 Hours (2020)

After setting her serial killer boyfriend on fire, a paranoid delusional woman gets a job at an all-night gas station.

I really liked the sound of this films premise so I was pretty excited to watch it.

Unfortunately that excitement would soon dwindle, sure it has a promising if somewhat cliched beginning but we’re used to seeing this and I don’t judge films on it, it’s a necessary set up for the films story. It’s what comes after that I judge it on and how it’s done.

First of all I had some major issues with the films story telling, somebody should’ve checked the script properly as we have some major plot holes, some plot holes I can overlook as no film is perfect but these were pretty big, major enough for me to actually laugh out loud about it.

If these plot points had been fixed the story would maybe be okay, the next problem I had was the films score. The music seems so out of place, it’s like someone searched for Horror movie music and just added it to certain scenes, and at a strangely high volume.

I can put up with a lot from a Horror film, as fans were used to letting things slide, but this one just asked too much of me and it just ended up completely losing me. The film threw too much into it where you got a sense they didn’t know where it was going either.

Nothing annoys me more than wasted potential and that’s exactly what “Open 24 Hours” is, a big waste of potential. I’m not saying it could’ve become a classic but if done properly we could’ve had a very decent slasher flick.

If you want to see the “Open 24 Hours” trailer then just click on the video below:

Miscellaneous facts about the film:

The entire gas station was a set specifically built for this film.

Padraig Reynolds shot a teaser trailer of his script in order to persuade people to invest money in the film.

Director Padraig Reynolds got bitten on the hand by a dog during the filming of a chase sequence at an automobile junkyard.

The scene in the diner was shot in the morning prior to the lunch rush.

Padraig Reynolds came up with the idea for this film in 2009.

Padraig Reynolds’s fourth film if his earlier two short films are not considered.

Vanessa Grasse’s fourth film.

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