Ten Years On: The Innkeepers

For this ‘Ten Years On’ post we take a look back at “The Innkeepers”.

I remember seeing the trailer for this film and really wanting to see it.

This film had quite a lot of promotion upon its release, a lot more than what we usually see for a Horror film. I remember seeing posters for it everywhere and articles promoting it all over the internet. It also had a trailer that really caught my attention and with Ti West directing I was even more interested.

A couple of years earlier Ti West released “The House Of The Devil”, a film that I still re-watch to this day, he was being regarded as someone to keep an eye out for. Because of all this I bought in to the hype and was excited to watch it, unfortunately all that hope and expectation turned out to be disappointment.

Now I know this film had its fans but sadly I’m not one of them, for all its style and its interesting premise the film just falls flat for me. It quickly becomes tedious as the slow pacing never changes, which I wouldn’t mind if we had interesting characters or interesting scenes but we don’t get that either.

It truly frustrates me when a feature has great potential but it doesn’t live up to it and that’s exactly what we have here. The film has some great style to it with some really nice shots but that’s not enough to keep you interested, this truly could’ve been so much more but instead what we got was just flat.

Like I said I know this film has it’s fans out there but for me I just see this film as a big waste of potential, ten years on and whenever I think about this film I just think of what could have been.

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