Horror Review: The Psycho Legacy (2010)

The cast and crew of all four Psycho films recall their time working on the influential horror series as today’s masters of horror reminisce on what the movies stirred in them.

Who doesn’t love a good documentary? Especially when it’s based around one of your favourite film series.

For those of you who don’t know the “Psycho” series is one of my all time favourites, I’m not just talking about the truly iconic first film but also the three great sequels that followed it. In my opinion they are highly underrated and, well, understandably overshadowed.

It’s great to finally see these sequels not only get some spotlight shone on them but to be dissected (no pun intended) and to hear the backstories of how they were made from the people that made them, even if it’s not all niceties. This is warts and all.

The interviews are highly fascinating as they allow us a rare peek behind the curtain and tell us the stories that paint a whole picture of what went on and their own experiences of working on the films, we even get never before seen footage of Anthony Perkins that’s really insightful.

As a “Psycho” fan you couldn’t have asked for more really, it’s delves so deep into the series than you could ever imagine and you can tell it was made with a lot of devotion, passion and mainly respect. Director Robert V. Galluzzo put in a ton of work, for us fans and it certainly pays off.

In my opinion “The Psycho Legacy” is a must watch for any Horror fan, even more so especially if you’re a fan of the “Psycho” series.

If you want to see “The Psycho Legacy” trailer then just click on the video below:

Miscellaneous facts about the film:

Director Robert V. Galluzzo started filming the documentary back in January 2007.

Richard Franklin was originally slated to be interviewed in this documentary, but unfortunately died before said interview could be filmed.

Director Robert V. Galluzzo went to Universal with the idea of them financing the documentary and including it in a new box set of all four Psycho films. However Universal wasn’t interested in these ideas and the documentary became an independent project.

In April 2008, at the Fangoria horror convention, a Psycho reunion panel was held to promote the documentary. Many cast members attended including Hilton A. Green, Mick Garris, Tom Holland, Kurt Paul, Juliette Cummins, Katt Shea, Cynthia Garris, Chris Hendrie and more. This was also promoted at San Diego Comic Con 2010.

Two segments on the failed TV pilot Bates Motel (1987) and the remake Psycho (1998) were originally supposed to be on the two disc set of the documentary but for unknown reasons were left off when the DVD was released.

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