Mental Health & Horror: A Documentary

A feature-length documentary discussing the positive impact horror films can have.

Okay people, time to get personal. Hands up who has suffered from mental health problems? Okay, another question, who’s suffered mental health problems has found solace in the Horror genre?

Well I’m right there with you, which is why I wanted to bring this fantastic project to your attention. “Mental Health and Horror: A Documentary” will feature interviews from horror icons, fans, film critics, historians, directors, producers, writers, and professionals from the mental health world.

Jonathan Barkan (The Horror Collective, DREAD, Bloody-Disgusting) has teamed up with producer Andrew Hawkins (Jan Svankmajer’s Insect, In Search of Darkness: Part II) to create Mental Health and Horror: A Documentary a feature-length documentary discussing the positive impact horror films can have.

According to the website:

“When the idea of this documentary came into my mind, it refused to let go. I have been dealing with mental illnesses for a long time and horror, which I’ve loved my whole life, has always been there as a means of support,” says Jonathan Barkan. “There are two goals with this documentary: the first is to let that person in the middle of nowhere, the one who loves horror but has no support system or access to mental health resources, know that they are not alone. The second goal is to actively fight against harmful stereotypes and stigmas that our community faces on a daily basis. Horror has been the black sheep of cinema and society for too long. It’s time we show how powerful, important, and helpful the genre can be for countless people around the world.”

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in helping? Then head on over to their Kickstarter page (HERE) and look into how you can help this project.

Check out the promo video for the documentary below:

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