Horror Review: Grandmother’s House (1988)

After the death of their beloved father, two teens go to their grandmother’s house in California and begin to suspect their grandparents of murder.

You ever watch a film as a kid and then it becomes this dis-fragmented memory of a film that you can’t remember but you remember watching it? (I hope you get what I mean).

Well that was what this film was for me, it was a dis-fragmented memory of a film and I really wish you could’ve seen my reaction when I realised that I’d actually rediscovered it. Here I was thinking I was watching an 80’s film that had passeed me by and I was literally about to get a huge shock.

I had that feeling of, not exactly deja vu, but a feeling of something familiar. My IQ isn’t high enough to know the word I’m looking for but this film just seemed very familiar to me. It was after about 20 minutes or so before it clicked and I was gobsmacked and also excited, I’d refound that elusive film.

This all happened quite recently and I was really happy to see that the film was just as enjoyable as I remembered it to be. The cast were all fantastic, even the kids as their characters weren’t annoying like they can be, though I will admit I was shocked to see Brinke Stevens playing a Mother in an 80’s film.

I actually thought it was really well wrote too and I wonder if that’s why this film stook in my head all these years. It’s really suspenseful and at times even thrilling with obvious Horror elemnents but it works so well and I will actually say that this has been severely over looked over the years, lost in the plethora of 80’s releases.

“Grandmother’s House” makes for a fun viewing and I’m extremely glad it found its way back to me.

If you want to see the “Grandmother’s House” trailer then just click on the video below:

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