Fears Caused By Horror Films

It’s happened to us all…

We’ve been watching a film and something inside our head has clicked and you realise you now view something in a completely different way, or there’s the time when you are doing something and your brain will remind you that this happened in that scary movie you saw.

So whilst thinking about this i thought I’d do a list of some things that people now have a fear of due to Horror films:


This is a very common one, a fear of clowns. A-lot of people state ‘Pennywise’ as the culprit of this fear, and who can blame them!

Swimming Pools

What danger can there be with an innocent swimming pool? Well if you watch enough Horror films you’ll soon find out.

Open Water

Lakes, rivers, the sea… open water is a dangerous place for a Horror fan thanks to the likes of “Jaws” and open water monster films.

The Dark

So being in the dark can be scary anyway, yet Horror films have given us many more reasons to be afraid of what lurks in the dark.


Babies, toddlers and the rest. Thanks to Horror films children aren’t seen as innocent and cute, they’re looked at as scary even demonic beings. It’s enough to freak out any expecting parent.


Horror films have been frightening Babysitters for decades and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon.


This one’s mainfully down to ‘Freddy Kreuger” but when are you more vulnerable than when you’re asleep?

Under The Bed

Who used to check for the monsters under the bed? Hands up….. Yeah that’s what I thought. Horror films really got us on this one.


Camping is supposed to be fun but thanks to years of Horrors taking place amongst the tents will have you shaking in your sleeping bag.

The Woods

There are way too many films at fault for this one, the woods is an all too familiar setting for any Horror fan.


Ok so hospitals can be creepy enough for some as it is but Horror films have given us many more reasons to make them even creepier.

Country Folk

Hillbillies, rednecks, call them what you want but there’s many a Horror film that terrify people with just the thought of venturing into the countryside.


Sure, a fear of Spiders is a commom phobia but I know so many people who are afraid of Spiders due to a certain film called “Arachnaphobia”


Dolls, puppets, ceramic figures, toys. An inanimate object coming to life is something that Horror films have exploited to terrify millions.

Home Invasion

The thought of a stranger invading your safe space is scary enough but that fear has been intensified thanks to Horror films.

So what Horror movie gave you a fear of something and what was it?

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