Horror Review: The Dark Tapes (2017)

Ghosts, spirits, creatures, demons and more from the paranormal world collide with rational curiosity.

As a fan of both found footage and anthology films this was right up my alley.

The film is split up into five different stories, taking us on a different journey with each one. There’s no repetitiveness here and each story stands on it’s own, I applaud the writers here for having the courage and confidence in their stories and not watering them down.

The films style is admittedly not for everyone, this is a sub genre you either love or hate but I do urge you to at least give it a try. The great thing about anthology films is that if you don’t like one story then no problem, another one will be along soon enough that you might enjoy.

The acting admittedly ranges from wooden to fantastic but that’s admittedly expected with independent features. If I had to pick a favourite segment then I’d have to say it was “The Hunters and The Hunted” but I won’t ruin any surprises that this feature has in store for you.

This film was a culmination of three years work and it’s certainly paid off, you have to admire the entire cast and crew for their tenacity. This is more than just background viewing, it demands your attention with its ambition and potential and it pays off.

“The Dark Tapes” is an interesting and entertaining feature that only comes round once in awhile, I remember feeling it was a big win for the independent scene.

If you want to see “The Dark Tapes” trailer then just click on the video below:

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