John Borowski Needs Your Help!

As you may know John Borowski is an independent Serial Killer Documentary film-maker.

I’m a HUGE fan of his work and have had the honour of interviewing him twice, once in 2017 about his Serial Killer work (which you can read HERE) and again in 2019 about how hard it is being an independent film maker (which you can read HERE).

He’s done some amazing work covering he likes of H.H. Holmes, Albert Fish, Carl Panzram and even more with his show Serial Killer Culture TV. All of which I seriously and highly recommend that you watch if you yourself are a true crime aficionado.

Now he needs your help to raise funds for the production on his John Wayne Gacy documentary series. If you’re unsure about donating I highly recommend you read the interviews above, I guarantee you’ll change your mind.

If you can’t contribute financially you can still help out by spreading the word on social media by sharing his fundraiser, telling others about this fundraiser and his films and books, talking of books he has released a book on John Wayne Gacy titled “John Wayne Gacy: Hunting A Predator” which you can order an autographed copy from HERE.

John has set up a GoFundMe page (HERE). If you can I seriously hope you can help out in someway, either financially or sharing it around, I know John would seriously appreciate it.

Purchase Johns books on Amazon

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