Gold Key Comics And Boris Karloff Return!

After taking a break for nearly 40 years, Gold Key Comics is returning with one of its most popular titles.

Sixty years after its inception, Gold Key Comics has resurrected!

“Gold Key state:

“Thanks to an exclusive arrangement with the Boris Karloff estate, GOLD KEY COMICS is proud to reunite with the legendary BORIS KARLOFF, to launch its first title of the modern era: Boris Karloff’sGold Key Mysteries.  A horror anthology, Boris Karloff’s Gold Key Mysteries is packed with ALL NEW stories (no reprints).  Titillating tales have been carefully crafted by several of today’s most talented comic creators. You will find this ongoing publication at your local comic shops.”

“However, today, you have an exclusive opportunity to participate in founding this macabre endeavor.  Backers of this project will be rewarded with an opportunity to secure a hardcover exclusive Preview Edition of Boris Karloff’s Gold Key Mysteries.  Exclusive to this campaign, this Limited Edition will include behind-the-scenes content, production art, and more. This Preview Edition will never be available in this format again.”

Does this sound like something you’d like? Then you can head on over to the KickStarter page HERE

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