What I REALLY Miss From Horror

There’s one thing that’s missing from Horror films that I’ll never get back.

Horror is a part of pop culture, it’s sewn into the mainstream, Horror is very much an accepted genre, but it’s not always been like that.

It’s funny to think about it but it was only a few years back that the Horror genre was under the spotlight for the wrong reasons, the infamous ‘Video Nasties’ situation. For a very long time afterwards it was quite a taboo to be into Horror films.

If you decided to watch one you felt like you were doing mischievous and that thrill was part of the whole experience, It made you feel like you’d somehow gotten away with something even though you’d done nothing wrong.

I have strong memories of people in VHS rental stores eyeing up Horror films, working up the courage to grab it whilst no-one was looking, hiding it as they took it to the counter, then running out. It was so strange to witness but it left an impression on me, it kickstarted a curiosity.

I’ve seen grown men look less guilty whilst buying porn, it seriously was taboo and I truly miss that feeling, that feeling of adrenaline as you purchased your film and you couldn’t wait to get home and to not only watch it but make sure no one saw what you had.

Of-course all that’s changed now, long gone are the days of Horror films being laid out next to the ‘adult section’ and being a bad thing to like and that’s a good thing.

I just truly miss those days when liking Horror was taboo, it was almost like a rebellion. I’m sure many of you who remember those times know what I’m on about. Now I know I’ve bored you with all this but please let me leave you with this story.

As curious children me and my friends were rummaging through some boxes in a friends house (don’t ask me why, I can’t remember) and we came across two Horror VHS’s, Stephen Kings “IT” and “Evil Dead II“. I remember staring at the covers with fascination, the room went silent as I showed my friends my find. 

We instantly started making a plan on how we could watch them without getting caught as none of us were allowed to watch these sort of films. We painstakingly planned for what seemed like weeks and it finally happened, we finally got to watch them.

Now this wasn’t my first experience of Horror films but it was my first with a group of friends and I can’t begin to tell how great it was, it’s burned into my memory as you can probably tell.

Them days are sadly long gone, maybe it’s because I’m older, maybe it’s a sign of the times but it’s something I really, truly miss, whatever the reason it’s a shame. 

I’d love to hear your stories of experiences like this.

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