Ten Years On: 30 Days Of Night

For this ‘Ten Years On’ post we take a look back at “30 Days Of Night”.

As a fan of comic books I was really happy to hear that this graphic novel was being turned into a feature.

This was a rare film in the fact that it not only caught the attention of the Horror genre but also of the non genre fans, it’s not too often this happens but it’s always interesting to see how it turns out.
Luckily for us all this film actually turned out to be pretty good, I enjoyed it so much in fact I went out and hunted down the comic series and I still have that set to this day and I still read it.
Funnily enough Steve Niles originally conceived the story as a film. After years of rejection by studios, it was reworked into a comic book. Eventually, a studio that rejected the original screenplay went for the comic version.
It’s not often we get a horror/comic/film crossover and even rarer is one that’s successful, this film did that whilst also inserting itself in the mainstream, like it or not you have to give it kudos.
Ten years on and “30 Days Of Night” is still remembered fondly by those who enjoyed it, thinking about it I’d love to see more Horror comics get the movie treatment.

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