Horror Review: The Strangers – Prey At Night (2018)

A family of four staying at a secluded mobile home park for the night are stalked and then hunted by three masked psychopaths.

Ten years, ten long years, that’s a full decade that I and many other fans waited for this sequel. That’s a hell of a long time.

For years there rumours and rumblings of a sequel to the 2008 hit film, one month it would be stated that a sequel was in the works, the next we were old that nothing was happening. Fans were left dizzy by the back and forth statements and more than frustrated, all we wanted was a yes or no to whether this was happening.

Fans were on edge when finally, this in demand sequel was officially happening and being filmed. Anxiety levels were rising, nails were being bitten. Now it was actually happening the question was, would it be any good? After waiting so long and with the original film firmly cementing it’s status in Horror, would it live up to expectations?

In a word, no. Sadly it just didn’t hit the mark for me. I mean it’s not all bad, there are some scenes that are great, the problem is they are few and far between. One thing that really didn’t help was humanizing our masked villains, by giving the more dialogue and even unmasking one the mystery was taken away and so was the fear factor.

When I learned that Director Johannes Roberts has publicly admitted he doesn’t like slasher/home invasion movies I was left scratching my head, why take this project then? What should have been a great sequel was whittled down to a cliched and idiotic feature, a characterless mess with an appalling story, just pure disappointment.

“The Strangers: Prey At Night” may never have lived up to a decade worth of expectations but I know for a fact it could have been better than what we were given. Instead of watching this just watch the original again, this sequel more than pales in comparison.

If you want to see “The Strangers: Prey At Night” trailer then just click on the video below:

Miscellaneous facts about the film:

Before the script was re-written, Kristen McKay (Liv Tyler) from the first film was going to return for only for the opening scene, where she would be killed.

This film was announced back in 2008.

The Man In The Mask is the only killer to not have any lines of dialogue.

Members of the horror podcast Night of the Living Podcast can be seen sitting at a table in the background of the diner scene filmed at Fillmore’s Dairy Hut.

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