Horror Review: Serial Killer Culture TV – Season 2 (2018)

Serial Killer Culture TV is an episodic TV show which features intimate interviews with those involved in the serial killer culture community.

The world of serial killer culture maybe a polarizing one but one thing you can’t doubt is that it is a highly interesting subject.

When John Borowski first launched “Serial Killer Culture TV” I was immediately fascinated and it did not disappoint, so when news broke that a second series was being made I waited with bated breath for its release. I was so excited that when my copy arrived through my door it was very quickly put in my DVD player.
Unsurprisingly I watched the whole thing in one sitting and I was not disappointed, I was hooked from the off and sat with my eyes and ears wide open as Borowski once again offered up some highly informative episodes. Subjects such as growing up best friends with John Wayne Gacy were insightful yet sensitive at the same time.
Like I said each episode is so informative and they never get boring or repetitive, it’s great to see and hear from a wide range of people about their views, opinions and also their enthusiasm on the subject at hand. It’s a series that sparks debate and that’s something that I truly applaud it for and it shows how great the subject matter is.
You can clearly see John Borowski’s passion for his work, it’s there on screen and he manages to get the best out of his interviewees. I just wish that some company out there would give him the backing to do this regularly, it’s something you could easily see on sites such as Netflix and I don’t understand why it isn’t?!
“Serial Killer Culture TV – Season 2” is amazing, easily just as good as the first season. I seriously cannot wait to see what John Borowski does next, hopefully we’ll see a season 3 in the future.
If you want to see the “Serial Killer Culture TV – Season 2” trailer then just click on the video below:
You can view the series on Amazon Prime UK HERE

Or Amazon Prime US HERE

Fancy treating yourself to a good ol’ fashioned physical copy (my preference) SIGNED by John Borowski himself? Then shoot him an email: johnborowskiart@gmail.com

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